Our specialized area of intelligent logistics includes: Near real time asset tracking and monitoring

Benefits to operators include-

We have the experience and management capabilities for all of our Carrier Logistics Connectivity and asset tracking Devices.

  1. Prevention of spoilage caused by the violation of temperature ranges resulting in product degradation and shortened shelf life.
  2. Theft prevention of valuables and commodities.
  3. Food and temperature sensitive products safety
  4. Predictive maintenance resulting in less downtime.
  5. Security
  6. Reduced transportation cost.
  7. Near Real-time monitoring and tracking
  8. Better asset utilization
  9. Diagnosis and Alerts notifications
  10. Better in-transit visibility
  11. Better risk management
  12. Better fleet management
  13. Better warehouse management
  14. Track nearly any type of assets – from  Passenger/ Light Duty Vehicles transportation and agriculture to food services, pharmaceuticals, maritime and emergency services. Track location in near real-time – captures light exposure, Air Particulate Meter for Air Quality, Open-Closed, Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Voltage, warehouses, storage units, freezers and much more. Cross-border connectivity.

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