TransTechnology is an international Buying Club Gateway, IOT engaged asset monitoring and diagnostics/tracking, dispatch maintenance, technology, and telecom products/services platform. Our clients are private, public businesses, government, and tech partners. Use TransTechnology's platform to submit quotes for product requests including telecom product, computer hardware, industrial products, health & safety, or service request. Get the most up to date telecom products, telecom services at the lowest price, and Dispatch Services through the Dispatch Gateway. Our telecom products & telecom services will give you the most up to date telecommunication experience. Request a Quote via fax(+1 (866) 489-5695)toll free representative(+1 (844) 533-0420), email( or Contact form. See PRICING & Procedures


Our platform application provides data related to diagnostics for assets. We provide IOT asset monitoring, diagnostics, and/or dispatch maintenance service to vehicle manufacturers and operators. We bill customers monthly for asset monitoring/maintenance dispatch and diagnostics. You provide IoT device information or important vehicle dispatch information quickly into or our data collection platform for tracking and diagnostics purposes. Information such as SIM Card ICCID, Device ID & Manufacturer, Connectivity type, location is used to expedite maintenance fixes and provide vehicle monitoring information for diagnostics purposes. Switching telecom provider and need quick access to your diagnostics information for easier maintenance, replacement, and management?. Fix vehicle issues faster with the right product information and technician.  We dispatch for vehicle diagnostics in the following business channel Remote Equipment(i.e Oil, Gas, Mining), Vehicle Manufacturing Companies, Transportation, Automotive, Government, and more. Using API connect to endpoints, you get the most up to date on your vehicle operation. Talk to a friendly dispatch agent now

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