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  • Please make a one-time payment below for any product or service from our web platforms. We also provide professsional product installation in most cases for your telecom projects.
  • Telecom billing service provided by Datagate.
  • NET CREDIT TERMS with early payment discounts available.  Blanket Agreement at set prices & Regular purchases is available on most products.  Maximum discounts on Blanket Agreements.
  • SAP ARIBA integration with your current Procurement system

The Sales Process for partners and contracted customers. Local & International

Our services is available for contract or non contract agreement arrangements, routine, immediate, or emergency service needs.

Current List of US & International Product & Service Providers  below:

  • IOT maintenance dispatch with Device Information Center(International &US availability)
  • Verizon telecom product & service – (US availability)
  • Amazon Web Service Management – We have the best developers for your projects – (US & International availability)
  • Dell Computers Solutions – Full line of Dell computer hardware solutions(US & International)
  • IBM Solutions – Full line including Watson IOT(US & International)
  • Cisco Systems Network Solution(Full line), (i.e.Routers, Switches, Network Cables) – (US, Canada & Latin America/Caribbean)
  • Grainger Industrial Supply(Full Line)(Special Health, Safety & Machine Parts Discounts)(US & International)
  • Building & Property Access Control & Security Systems(US & Caribbean)
  • (Full Line of Fuels including Industrial & Motor Oil, Gasoline(US & International)
  •  Commodities(Chicken, Beef)
  •  Commodities(Dry Edible Beans: Pinto, Black, Navy, Small Red, Lentils, and Garbanzo
  • Corn: Yellow Flaking Grit, Brewers Grit, Yellow Snack Meal, Yellow Cornmeal, Yellow Flour
  • Wheat: Bulgur
  • Long Grain Milled Rice, White, Parboiled, Brown, Exotic Rice, Basmati and Jasmine Rice(US & International)
  • Social Media Marketing & Management
  • Please visit the TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS page for more information on our products and services
  • Commercial General Liability Insurance available for coverage needed
  • We carry most Fortune 500 technology company brands. All technology brands is available in the US. Get your quote now
  • 10+ years land  and international marine shipping experience


  1. Browse our technology solutions page or MANUFACTURER’S CATALOGUE and find the solution, product or service you need(Special Discounts on Grainger Industrial Supply for Machine Parts & Health & Safety Products now available)
  2. Download and complete product/service request form below  for technology or product quote. Please use additional blank sheet for expanded product/service description. Complete &  Call  +1 954 314 7419, or complete Contact form
  3. Complete customer registration form for FREE maintenance reminder (OPTIONAL for all partners).
  4. Complete your BOL(Based on product purchased and shipping requirements), email to and get purchased item. You can also download agreement form for blanket agreement or regular purchase
  5. Complete form and  email signed agreement to +1 954 314 7419
  6. Credit/Debit issued for transaction
  7. We are available for regular, routine, standby  & emergency service buying arrangements.
  8. Upload information into CRM as needed below.


Please use additional blank sheet for expanded product/service description. Bill of Lading(BOL) may be required for all delivery locations. Send BOL to We invoice for payment after accepted Quote

Forms of Payment Accepted Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Wire Transfer for International Customers

Buying Club Gateway is available in the following countries: Austria, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States. All other countries by special arrangements

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