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Get the latest telecom services from Verizon – Non-Voice Or Text Application Data Plans

5 G Business Internet Plan – Upgrade Now
LTE Business Internet 10, 25 & 50 Mbps Speed Tier Mobile Broadband Plans
4 G FWA Backup Mobile Broadband Share Plan
M2M(Machine To Machine) Data Plans
Services are compatible with most plans including those listed below. All plans come with applicable discounts and are tailored to your requirements and needs. 

Wireless LTE Failover

Zero Usage Plans

Customers only pay for the data consumed during an outage with no overage charges. They simply pay the preset plan price for their level of consumption for that month. This completely eliminates wasted expenses that come with other plans!

Customer Experience and Productivity

Keep your business moving seamlessly. Avoid missed sales, missed customer service opportunities, and lost productivity due to internet disruptions.

Communication with UCaaS Systems 

Wireless LTE Failover ensures voice and data services stay online and connected seamlessly.

More Control

Stay connected when internet outages are caused by events that are out of your control. Never let your business be impacted by power station issues, hardware failure, network failure, or human error.


Equipment and data packages can be customized to meet your connectivity goals.


SD-Wan has a low cost ratio that pairs broadband with high speed.


SD-Wan has the ability to grow as your business’ needs change.

Quick Execution

Set up and changes require minimal disruption.


Top of the line support for SaaS and cloud service customers.


SD-WAN supports multiple paths and allows connectivity decisions to be made independent of carriers.

Peace of Mind

SD-WAN customers have the option to include Wireless LTE Failover for redundancy.



Fast, safe access to your cloud applications with the ability to quickly provision cloud resources online and scale them on demand.


Highly secure connection between your VPN and the cloud adding protection against threats and attacks while keeping your traffic off the public internet.


Route traffic from all your devices and locations directly to your cloud provider which can avoid slowdowns associated with sending through you data centers, known as “hairpinning”.


Automatically scale bandwidth to accommodate peak traffic loads.


Single Solution for Remote Access

Access business applications, resources, intranets or extranet(s), across any device—computer, smartphone or tablet—from anywhere.


IPSec and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) enables ubiquitous IP access, which is probably the single most important characteristic of a VPN.


Connects your device with a single click for real-time access to critical company resources.



Reduces the overall costs associated with maintaining legacy phone systems and provides predictable annual expenses.


This cloud-based solution is monitored and maintained by Altaworx, eliminating the need for regular maintenance and inefficient upgrades.


Upgrades are immediately available to the system with no need to disassemble or change out equipment.

Reach employees with a single number on any device no matter where the job takes them. Employees can customize individual phones based on their preferences. Other features include paging, voicemail to email, call recording, conference bridge, hunt groups/call queue, busy lamp fields, auto attendant, and call forwarding.

Cloud Connect
The Cloud Connect app turns any smartphone or tablet into a UCaaS device. Add UCaaS to any smartphone or tablet and stay connected to essential business communications with a full auto attendant and voicemail.


Cost Effective

Reduce the need for multiple phone lines through a single point of entry, reducing additional charges for incoming lines and IT cost for maintaining those lines.


Adding lines or modifying service is fast and simple.


Should system failures or emergencies occur, SIP Trunking providers can reroute services to a redundant data line or forward calls to mobile phones.

IP Flexible Reach

Combines IP Voice and Data

Serves as a single point of contact for all your networking needs.

Business-Class Performance

Unlimited local calling and bundled long distance packages can be customized to meet your connectivity goals.

Virtual Telephone Numbers (VTNs)

Establish presence beyond your local area.

Simple Integration

Works with digital TDM PBX and leading IP PBX systems.

Managed Internet Services


Internet service is constantly monitored allowing for fast-acting support and solutions should there be slowdowns or disruptions.

Dedicated Connection

Internet service is dedicated and not shared with other businesses.


Low latency and high performance for high priority traffic with optimum download & upload speeds.


Scalable bandwidth options that support branch offices up to large corporate offices.


Best foundation for adding services like voice, video or cloud.


Industry-leading service agreements that provide 100% service availability, 99.95% data delivery, and roundtrip latency of 37ms (U.S. and Domestic)



IP-DSL is a great solution for small businesses that need fast and inexpensive internet access.


IP DSL has the ability to grow with your business offering speeds from 3Mbps to 45Mbp

Virtual Private Network(VPN)

Network Convergence

Integrate your voice, video, and data networks into a single network.  VPN allows connectivity anywhere and using any devices providing class of service and enabling you to prioritize your traffic.


Improve application performance utilizing class of service (CoS) for enhanced traffic prioritization.

Cost Effective

Ease of budgeting with flexible billing options.


Highly secure, reliable network architecture providing any-to-any connectivity.


Extend the VPN to mobile devices, so they are simply an additional endpoint on the network.


Get consistent performance across locations and devices.

Switched Internet

Specific to Your Business Needs

Virtual local area network (LAN) connections allow you to set different destinations and priorities for each application or department.

Customizable Route, manage and prioritize applications across multiple locations.


Easily scales bandwidth to add new locations.

Global Reach

Works for businesses both domestically and internationally.

Business Fiber

Smooth Connectivity

Video conference with suppliers, business partners, and customers on a crystal clear connection.

Speedy File Sharing

Fast internet speeds enable businesses to access or share critical files quickly. Download and upload large data files with ease and share with employees or customers in other locations.


No Wires

Work from anywhere by establishing a reliable connection through a mobile device.


Various data plans that to work with your budget. As well as, Commercial Connectivity Services (CCS) plans available for groups or individual workers.


Sensitive data is secure and protected when processing wireless transactions.