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Services are compatible with most equipment including those listed below. All plans come with applicable discounts and are tailored to your requirements and needs. 

Wireless LTE Failover

Wireless LTE Failover, along with Zero Usage Plans, keeps your business running normally when unexpected disruptions to your internet connection arise. Wireless LTE Failover (also known as a redundant internet connection or a wireless LTE backup) relies on a 4G LTE network to make sure your business is always connected to the internet during outages caused by natural disasters or man-made events. Internet downtime can bring business to a sudden halt. Most businesses lose the ability to process orders, accept credit cards, utilize aspects of their security system, provide customer service or use UCaaS phone systems.

WORKS BEST WITH: Wireless LTE Failover and Virtual Private Network(VPN)


Cisco Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) utilizes cloud technology and desk phones to improve out-of-date phone systems. UCaaS (also known as Hosted VoIP or Hosted PBX) allows customers to easily reach employees using only one phone number. Whether they’re working remotely, in the field, or in another business location, customers reach who they need with ease. Experience high-definition voice quality, data services, collaboration tools, mobility, and contact center functions, along with advanced calling features across all of your business locations and devices.

WORKS BEST WITH: Wireless LTE Failover

WORKS BEST WITH: Wireless LTE Failover & Managed Internet Service