Public, private and government sector interested in TransTechnology Corp managing their IOT assets please register here for a QUOTE or contact us via email or toll free#. All IOT Management work performed is free management service the first 14 days with payed CRM access, after customers will be billed a fee monthly based on the number of devices placed under management.

  1. HOW TO BEGIN – We exclusively manage 2 of the most popular IOT platforms
  2. Before you start or if you’re switching Telecom Product/Service or IOT management, to a compatible carrier, find out how we can help you. Request a QUOTE through fax(+1 (866) 489-5695), toll free representative(+1 (844) 533-0420), contact form or email( We work with all size businesses, internationally,
  3. Pay for IOT CRM Access below and get 14 days of FREE IOT Management Service(SIM rate not included)
  4. Purchase starter kit and will set up your SIM connectivity through our carrier as desired.
  5. Complete the Forms(Registration & Property Intake(device information)) on this website.
  6. We take over from there.
  7. It’s that easy.

Pricing is based on the following management service performed.

  1. Access to uploaded data into Zoho database based on condition(10) below.
  2. We uploaded data into provisioned and programmed IOT application provider platform.
  3. Management, optimization and technical development of IOT application
  4. Reports generation.
  5. Ongoing monitoring, analysis, and generation of IOT data sets.
  6. Integration of communication to required personnel for routine or emergency maintenance.
  7. Development of IOT application upgrade where necessary.
  8. Database Management
  9. Visual Analytics presentation.

Benefits of IOT adoption for your business with our service

  1. Reduced downtime
  2. Workflow Automation
  3. Workflow Optimization
  4. Increase Output
  5. Decreased Labor Cost
  6. Decreased Production Cost
  7. Increase Customer Outreach
  8. Decreased Procurement Cost
  9. Dedicated IOT Management team.
  10. Designated technical/non-technical onsite personnel to upload IOT data to our open Property Intake Zoho platform. We take it from there. Get CRM access to your uploaded data of devices, base location. The database is required for multiple locations. Great tool for tracking your assets, however, does not provide near real time information.
  11. Reduce IOT personnel and management cost
  12. Equipment filter change reminder
  13. Reduce programming and provisioning time for devices and developer environment.

Company to be billed monthly for work performed. For a QUOTE register here or contact us at +1 844 846-4518 or